December 1, 2008

Senior Portrait Guide for Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

Senior Portrait pointers:

Select clothing choices that represent your personal style. It's ok to make a powerful statement with colors, styles and accessories.  However,  we recommend that you avoid excessive patterns, logos and other branding, as it can be distracting. Your session time and wardrobe changes will depend on what session you are doing, so bring lots of options to work with. A wardrobe bag can be very useful in keeping items clean and organized.  Make sure to include a few casual and formal selections, so you will have more variety to choose from.  Pick outfits that you feel most comfortable and confident in.

If you have a trademark hair style,  try not to alter it too much for your portraits.  A haircut a few weeks before your session is a nice way to clear up split ends, but we recommend a trim over a new style.

On the day of your session, style your hair however you like to express yourself.  Be sure to use styling products so your look will stay put throughout the day.   We have brushes and hairspray for a quick touch-up during your session as well.

We can recommend a hair stylist if needed.

With makeup, it's wise to either hire a professional makeup artist, or simply do it yourself. A trained eye can create impressive results that will photograph well.  Try not to go overboard on makeup, but do use a good foundation, powder, and basic eye shadow and mascara.  This will create a nice, natural look.  Your eyebrows frame your face, so be sure to pluck them and define them with a brow liner. Feel free to bring your makeup bag with your touch-ups as well.

We can recommend a makeup artist if needed.